What is RDEL?

For engineering leaders who want to use data and research to power their decisions, this newsletter is for you. Research-Driven Engineering Leadership uses the latest insights across software engineering and behavioral research to answer big questions about managing engineering teams.

What you can expect:

  • A relevant topic about engineering leadership: Each Monday we’ll cover a single topic in engineering leadership. Engineer effectiveness, onboarding, leadership, communication, collaboration - anything goes. Have a topic you want us to cover? Email us!

  • Research-backed expertise on the topic, summarized: For each question we’ll dive into relevant, recent research studies that relate to each topics. These will vary in style from on-the-field studies at FAANG companies to experiments run at large research institutions. The common theme is the application towards engineering teams.

  • Direct application to your engineering team: what makes this newsletter different is how we apply research to making engineering teams better. With each edition, you’ll walk away with actionable tips to improve your team.

About me

I’m Lizzie, co-founder and CEO at Quotient. We’re focused on democratizing access to the best engineering cultures by building a research-backed toolkit for teams. This newsletter started from an internal team ritual called “Research Mondays”, where we review relevant research and apply them to our product. We love working with experts to bring world-class research to engineer products. You can find me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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Using research to answer big questions in engineering leadership


Lizzie Matusov

Co-founder and CEO at Quotient